Welcome to Major League Stickball

Major League StickBall (MLSB) is an organized league in the New York Tri-State area. The league is a fast pitch league that closely emulates the play of baseball. Check out the most competitive league in the Tri-State area---MLSB Get your team of 3-6 players ready for the 2017 Spring, Summer and Fall Stickball seasons! IF YOU ARE A FREE AGENT OR NEW PLAYER LOOKING FOR A TEAM PLEASE CONTACT US AT PLAYSTICKBALL@AOL.COM OR CALL US AT 201-491-2173  EARN $$$$PITCHING YOUR FIRST SEASON IN OUR LEAGUE CONTACT US TO FIND OUT HOW!  New teams to the league play free if you dont forfeit any games!  If you love baseball softball or stickball, you will LOVE our league.  Come show your skills pitching or hitting at our field days, pick up games or tournaments throughout the entire year.  See our videos on youtube on the majorleaguestickball channel, on facebook major league stickball,  and our stats on scorebook.com/stickball.  Dont miss out on another great season of stickball, we have been around since the 80's where have you been?

View our updated player statsView our youtube channel,  View a Homerun Clip, to View an part of an Inning, and View how we call Balls and Strikes with our Strike Zone!

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